• 2013 1st Place Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup

    2013 1st Place Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa: Cracker Jack!

    2013 1st Place Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup
  • 4/20 Party @ SCMN!

    SUNDAY 4/20 Special Hours 9:00 AM-8:00 PM 
    4/20 Easter Egg Hunt from 9-11:30! Lots of Prizes!
    4/20 Irie Chinese Food 12-5 Food at SCMN!


    4/20 Party @ SCMN!
  • A New Standard!

    We strive to set a new standard for the way that Medical Cannabis Collectives should operate.
    Join Us.  Taste the difference, feel the difference, make the difference!
    Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals: Growing your Community, Organically!

    A New Standard!
  • Welcome To SCMN!

    In the spring of 2009, Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals began to form as a small group of friends, families and neighbors who found that medical cannabis provided substantial relief for a wide variety of serious medical conditions that they were all suffering from.

    Welcome To SCMN!

Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals: Growing Community, Organically!

Our Mission is to set a standard by which other Medical Cannabis Collectives follow.  In order to achieve our mission and best serve our patient base, SCMN seeks to:

1.  Provide a safe community resource for California Medical Marijuana Patients

2.  Provide medicine that is Laboratory Tested and Clean Green Certified in order to provide the highest quality medicine available

3.  Develop Standards of Operation that can be applied at an industry-wide level

4.  Maintain a staff of educated, informative and experienced professionals

5.  Provide affordable access to alternative medicines including massage and acupuncture.



Hashes and Kiefs

Edibles, Tinctures and Topicals

Awesome Great club. The girls were really nice and helped get what I needed to get. The vibe was awesome.. They have a nice little variety of hot tea up front and hella comfy chairs. The girls helped me get what I needed. I was able to pick up some Cannatonic, Harlequin, Jack H., and Oaxacan Burmise. I'm smoking the Cannatonic as we speak... Great high CBD strain. Smells fantastic. Not too Stoney, but my body doesn't hurt anymore. Put me in a great mood at home... With m'lady! Eyoooo! I love their honesty.. I knew full well that Cannatonic and Harlequin aren't Stoney, but they mentioned it anyways JUST so I knew. Thank you guys! I'll be back soon! –TheEcstaticMC - Weed Maps

Best dispensary in the area.I had a horrible experience with another local dispensary, so I went to SCMN (it's a bit of a drive, which is why I never went consistently). However, I was reminded why I must always go to SCMN when I'm in the Santa Cruz area, because they are a class act. The budtenders are always very nice and happy to answer any questions I have. They are well informed about their products and always welcoming. I have to give a shout-out to Sean, who knew exactly what strain I needed to properly medicate for my health condition. He was so right and I am thankful for his knowledge and kindness!–jssnow-WeedMaps

Thank You! So glad that I found you, Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals.I find high CBD medicine helps me manage pain and your selection is better than any where else I have shopped. Your staff is clear eyed and bright and very knowledgable. I appreciate that your products are tested and most edibles reveal the CBD and THC content.Very professional! Keep up the good work...:)–umavish-WeedMaps